Thursday, March 29, 2007

Smelly scallops

This couch reminds me of a scallop - you know, with the roe attached. Love me a nice scallop, either battered and fried from the fish'n'chip shop or grilled and done asian style with some chilli and corriander and a splash of mirin, or even panfried with some butter and garlic. Like I said, love me a scallop.
That does not mean I want a scallop in my loungeroom, nor do I want this couch with its fugly arms and even fuglier head rests. There ain't a deep fryer in the world big enough to get rid of this nastiness.


ZUBA said...

I don't know, it has a certain quality about it.
Maybe it would look good on the set of some second rate sci - fi flick.
And I bet this would taste better than the fish and chips we got from the local shop. ;)

Hannah said...

you are so right. how revolting!