Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How dare you cast aspersions on my fair city?!

First of all, apologies in advance, Fugly Couchers. Couldn't manage to "borrow" the photo for this couch from the Argos website, so have had to copy the link for you instead:


My good mate Zoe in London put me on to this fugly blue number (also available in brown, but that still doesn't make it right). Apparently the landlady at her new flat is suggesting this should be what Zoe sits on while she belts out her karaoke numbers on Playstation Singstar and partakes in strong cider (good woman, she is). The temerity of the landlady! Obviously doesn't know what a stylista the Z-star is.

But the true insidiousness of this couch is its name: The Melbourne. THE MELBOURNE??!! How dare Argos denigrate the fabulousness that is my hometown by naming such a fugly couch after her? A pox on your house, Argos!

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