Thursday, March 15, 2007

RIP, Gianni, because there's no rest to be had on this baby

Oh... My... God...

Never, ever, ever, have I seen a better example of the expression "money cannot buy good taste". Opening bid: $16,000, or Buy It Now for only $18,500. I've never even owned a car worth that much. In fact, I think adding up the three cars I have owned, I'm still not even close to that.

When I was on Temptation, one of the prizes was a Versace bed, coming in at about $25,000RRP, so I know this thing legitimately would retail for the $20,770 the seller claims. My dear mate Gosia even got some pics of said bed in its garish glory.

Have another look at the gorgeousness that is this couch:

And another:

And the weird arm rest thing:

Do you use that as a coffee table? Presumably you have the Versace cups and saucers, or else, what's the point? It's not like your $2 Ikea mug would be able to cope with all that gaudiness.

The only thing that stops me from thinking Elton John is getting rid of this is the knowledge that this little beauty is for sale in my own fair city of Melbourne. In South Yarra, of course.

This couch is making a pretty strong case for claiming to be front runner in the quest to find the world's most fugly couch. It's saying all the right things, paying all the right people the right bribes. But I think that may be just just too easy - it's Versace afterall, it's a gimme. Surely, however, it should get one of those "Lifetime Achievement Awards" like they give out at the Oscars. Fair play, Gianni Versace. Even in death, we're still in awe of your extravagance.

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