Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The quest begins...

So, welcome to my blog. This is going to be about my quest to find the fugliest couch in the world. The quest dawned on me last night.
See, I've been trawling eBay looking for furniture for my new bachelorette pad. Am oh-so-chuffed to finally be on the property ladder and am hoping to furnish my very retro 1950s place with some original furniture.
But as I've been plundering the depths of eBay in search of a gem, I've seen some mighty ugly furniture.
Such as this fine specimen:

Good God, why would you want that in your lounge room? Why? How many cows gave their hides and lives for this number? It's kinda like a Mars Bar got melted and turned into a couch.

Anyways, this is an example of what's out there. There's much more to come. I do hope you will join me on my quest to find the most fugly couch in the world. Email me
fugly.couch@gmail.com with photos of fugly couches you find, tell me why you find them so fugly and I will add my own comments. Let the quest begin!


ZUBA said...

That is a Post and Rail original nad we had a set like that at our house for years.
It may be ugly, but it's damned comfortable!
I think our dog threw up on my sister when she was sitting on one of those chairs once.

Lloyd said...

All this talk of Leather and Mars Bars is too much, lets cut to the furniture porn!


becstar said...

Chris, did you have the same tri-colour leather configuration? Because that's what truly kicks this couch into the fugly pile.

Lloyd, I'd love to check out that link but am terrified to do so at work! Welcome back to the land of e-communication to my favourite gay ginger Scot :-)

Hannah said...

How has the world lasted so long without the fugliest couch competition? Maybe it could be a reality tv idea, has to be better than celebrity dogs
There are always some pretty sexy specimums hanging on share house porches in fitzory!

Rebecca said...

Lovely couches you've found dear!! Damn, it's so hard to choose, isn't it?! ;)

shoopska said...

I thought I recognised this one! Although ours didn't have those hideous beige patches, I'm sure of it.

Welcome to blogginess Becstar!! xxx

Ben H said...

franco cozzo has called his solicitor already...

becstar said...

Thanks, Hannah. I guess couches never quite get the attention clothes and celebrities do.

Ben, I've got a few Cozzo's up my sleeve, but thought I'd save them for a rainy day.