Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lucy loves leopards

Basic black couch: ok.

A couple of leopard print cushions as an accent: a bit pimp daddy for my liking, but not truly revolting.

However, once you get past the two, maybe even three, leopard print cushions you start getting a little too South African Safari for my tastes. Especially when the owners offered to throw in a matching rug (sadly, they didn't put a picture of that on eBay).


Hannah said...

Aah the joy that viewing such wonders of design brings me after a long day at work is indescribable. Personally, I am a big fan of the franga hanga bundy bogan setee and I believe I may have even seen a few of these in the flesh down Seaford way....the memories!
Also think that you should not be so harsh on the airport-type furniture. Who knows, the people who own them may have some sort of queue fetish that these couches would satisfy! I personally think they look like Centrelink seats or come to think of it corrections seats!
keep up the good work!

becstar said...

Hannah, you're so right! They're totally Centrelink chairs!
It scares me to think someone could have a queue fetish. Does that mean they make their partner wait in line for the nasty? Behind a velvet rope, of course.

Thanks for the kind words :-)