Friday, March 16, 2007

Get your hands off me!

Please God, no.

Really, what made you allow someone to take this couch from being a figment of their seriously fugged-up imagination and turn it into a reality? In purple.
Have a close look at it. It seems to have more than the requisite four fingers and a thumb per hand. But it doesn't. It's this weird phenomen I once read Matt Groening talking about. Apparently the reason The Simpsons only have three fingers and a thumb is because when you draw an anatomically correct hand it looks all fugged up and nasty. It's true: draw one yourself, or just pay attention to the odd cartoon that does have the right number of fingers on a human hand. It ends up looking like a bunch of sausages hanging off a plate.

This couch gets worse: seems like it bred and now we've got a baby to go with it...
Please, Lord, make it stop! I know the Pope is against interventionist contraception, but is having more couches like this in the world really going to help anybody?

1 comment:

M's nemesis said...

Oh no! That baby hand couch reminds me of the couch that Buster has on Arrested Development! Now THAT is wrong!