Thursday, August 23, 2007

Craig's List

Sometimes, I don't even have to do any work.

This came up under the headline "Fugly Couch" on Craig's List. Here's what the seller had to say:

fugly couch
You've been warned! This couch will almost make your eyes bleed. It's an orange striped couch with squishy cushions and it's in desperate need of a new living room, basement, garage or curb. It's not half bad, just unloved. The naked cushions do have covers (see second pic - they're hiding behind the futon), as they were recently laundered and nobody had the incentive to put them back on. Great for parties, especially if you're too drunk to notice how ugly it is. On the bright side, it hides stains pretty well.

At least they're not deluded, like the many sad people who've been featured here in the past.
I think my parents said the same thing about their choice of carpet for our home - "it''ll hide the stains well". With three kids, that was their priority. Needless to say, the carpet would probably end up on a Fugly Carpet blog. Thankfully most of it has gone since Dad got the carpet ripped up and the floorboards polished. Brown florals, mmm...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

PB and J - the play

Ok, it's not a couch. It has nothing to do with couches. Maybe there's a couch in the play? Regardless, this is a shameless promotion for my mate Tara's play, PB and J, which begins this weekend at the
New York Fringe Festival. That's Tara in the middle of the front row there.
Tara is, in a word, AMAZING. She and I met in Ireland back in 2002. We've both experienced the delights of working for the Korean Embassy in Dublin. And she is a super bloody talented playwright. This girl is still under 30 -and making me sick - with her incredible creativity, drive and integrity.
I know a few of you lovely Fugly Couch readers are in or around NYC. I hope you get the chance to see PB and J or can at least spread the word.
Break a leg, Tara!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

And I thought I was high maintenance

My friend Luke sent me this couch. Does anyone have any idea of the story behind it? Luke also suggested I should have James Brown's "Get up offa that thing" as the theme for the blog. I've tried attaching it but have no idea if it is possible to put sound on here. I think that may be more of a My Space thing, and frankly I just can't be bothered.

Anyways, in doing a search to try and find out about the grass couch, I stumbled across this, and I think it is bloody genius:
How cool would this be in your backyard? Apparently you grow the couch over this frame:
Some people, well, they have truly thought of everything!
Be a bit of a bitch to mow, though.