Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bringing the bus stop into your home

This is advertised as a couch. Not as a park bench, not as somewhere to sit while waiting for the tram, not even as applicable for a hospital or the like, none of these things.

I have a few basic criteria for a couch, and comfort is right up there. This does not look comfortable. This does not look like something I would fall asleep on while watching Family Guy, even though I really want to stay awake but it's just on so bloody late - damn you, Channel 7 - and I'm trying to walk home from work these days, so am pretty tired by about 10.30pm... (oops, sorry, went off on one there).

Back to the couch. It seems there are matching armchairs:

Am all for this sort of furniture in an airport. Have slept on similar couches at Charles de Gaulle and Edinburgh. Slept on worse at Heathrow. But please, please, don't suggest this belongs in someone's home, especially not mine.

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