Monday, April 2, 2007

This couch be thirsty

I think this fugly number is the Keith Richards of the couch world. All beaten and worn, abused and wasted, looking beyond redemption at what must surely be the end of its life after many years of neglect.

I love a well-worn leather jacket, a scuffed up pair of hiking boots, hell, even the right handbag can look good all broken in. But it's not a look I want in my leather couch. If I (God-forbid) owned this couch, I would be highly aware that this couch had reached the end of its days. A long time ago. Apparently the people who do own it think otherwise - I found it on eBay. No bids so far. Funny that.

1 comment:

ZUBA said...

Ahh, but Keef Riffhard still performs, all leathery and abused as he is.