Thursday, March 15, 2007

Keep them doggies rollin', Rawhide...

What a bloody beauty! This is just pure gorgeousness.
One of my dear friends once had the misfortune to be living with a guy who would have thought this was the height of sophistication. His name was Lance Pitt and I am happy to say he has faced and been convicted of criminal charges. My friend, on the other hand, finally left the stupid fugger and is now married to a gorgeous husband (who would sooner shoot himself than own this piece of fugliness). She's tried her hardest to erase the memory of her time spent with the pathetic Walter Mitty-style criminal. The lesson there, my friends, is if you like this couch, you possibly have criminal tendencies.
Now, I have to say I was mightily disappointed with what eBay UK had on offer, until I struck this bit of fabulousness. It seemed the British either kept their hideous couches hidden behind closed doors in their irrepressible repressiveness, or they at least had the decency to try and get rid of them via the charity shop, not actually sell them.
I think the description for this item (which could be yours for only £3,850), says more than I could ever hope to:
"Andrew Martin Special Order Sofa - UNIQUE! only one ever made!
This sofa was ordered from Andrew Martin in Walton Street, London especially for a show flat as part of a property development project
It took 22 weeks to make and match the right cowhide from south Africa to the right leather that would give the requested look
It has never been used or sat on however it has a few marks on the leather from transport. With some shoe leather nourishing cream they will blend in
it measures 225 cm long, 97 cm deep and 81 cm tall.
The sofa was paid for £5,700 in 2004 and since we now have no use for it i am offering it at a bargain starting price. Collection is expected from London W2. If posting is required PLEASE do not ask me how much it will cost since i dont know. You can give the dimensions to a courrier company and they will quote you. I do not know the weight of it but you should not need it since courriers go by dimensional weight rather than actual weigh.
Good luck and happy bidding.
(a few sics in there)
The eternal optimism of the eBay seller will never cease to amaze me. No doubt, some cashed-up chav will find a good spot for it in his/her Essex pad. Jade Goody, this one's for you...

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