Monday, March 19, 2007

When bad fabric happens to good couches

I love a club lounge. I've just been bidding on one on eBay for my new place. Was rather gorgeous and went for a reasonable price but would have had to collect it from Narre Warren, which would have caused me a whole world of pain. I didn't love it that much. So my search continues.

I know underneath this hideous yellow fabric is a tortured, gorgeous club lounge fighting to get out. I can hear its screams "please, find me some lovely lush chocolate velour and save me from a suicide in a tulip patch". And the tragedy is, you can tell this has been recently re-covered too. Oh the sad, unrealised opportunity. Just like Britney when she was with Justin - full of hope and promise. This fabric is the K-Fed of the upholstery world, it takes the shine away from a once beautiful thing. I need to go wash now.

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