Friday, April 20, 2007

The couch of destruction

Wow. And again, WOW...
Karen sent me this (muchas gracias, amiga). She didn't go into any detail about whether it was hers or belonged to a friend.
Looks like it would have been an ok couch before it got turned into the world's biggest chew toy (come to think of it, there's probably another blog in that. Feel free to pinch the idea, have got enough on my plate in fugly couch world). Am assuming this is the work of some rather bored and, at the same time, excited dogs. Though Karen is the rather exceptionally gifted mother of six children. Perhaps she left the kids alone and without enough distractions one day? Karen, feel free to explain in comments.
Am considering getting a dog after I move into my new bachelorette pad. Ideally wanna get a girl beagle and call her Lucy, after Lucy Van Pelt, a long-time personal heroine. My fear is Lucy may turn my furniture into chew toys too, especially if I get her from the Lost Dogs Home or RSPCA, as I am hoping too. Watch this space (well, maybe not this space exactly, but the blog. If I do become a Mama, will definitely be posting brag pics).


ZUBA said...

It's sad to think that this is the last photo of Fluffy when he was still alive.

Karen said...

Your damn right it was! POOR FLUFFY!! hahah... no it wasn't really my couch, bit I do believe it's lost its charm.

My very large dog tries to get away with sleeping on the couch once we've all gone off to bed. He reminds me of my teenagers sometimes, with his sneakiness. Good luck with the dog thing. They tend to require a lot of attention or they will find ways to it demand i.e. the pic.