Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Them crazy Swedish kids

Normally furniture doesn't come more sanitised and inoffensive than Ikea gear. They may not set the world on fire with their designs, but then they don't tend to offend with flaming couches either.

Yet then there is this couch:

I really hate this couch. Strong word, I know, but the more I look at this couch, the more it pisses me off. It is, dare I say, unworthy of coming from the Ikea stable. It's the black sheep of the Ikea family, the Teddy Kennedy (post Chappaquiddick). Nobody, and no couch, wants to be the black sheep who killed a girl and spends his life denying any guilt, even if turns out that he's Teflon-coated and manages to get himself seen as the darling of the left, the elder statesman, by virtue of the fact his other two brothers were killed, leaving him to be the sole male heir to the Camelot dynasty...

Wow, something took a hold there. I think I just ate some dodgy salami. Obviously I don't think any couch, no matter how fugly, is too concerned about crashing their car into a bridge and killing an innocent person because couches don't have cars. Though there are some made of cars. You know, the ones where they chop off the boot/trunk of a 1950s Falcon or something similar and turn it into a couch. Like this:

Or this one:

Makes me wanna head down to the Peach Pit and order a soda and fries from Nat. I hope Brandon will be there. He's so dreamy. And maybe Dylan will pop by. He's even dreamier...

*In an aside, when I was in Prague with my friends Gosia and Glenn, we stumbled across a bar devoted to Beverly Hills 90210. It was fantastic. We sat around drinking beer and eating popcorn (???) while pretending to be Brenda and Kelly. Good times...*


ZUBA said...

Hey there is nothing wrong with having part of a 55 or a 57 chevy belair on your living room!!!

becstar said...

Never said there was, Chris... Just giving some examples to my peeps... :-)