Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The circle of fugliness

So this couch does appeal to my love/lust for the quirky and kitsch. I don't think it's all that fugly, to be fair to the couch. It's got the retro/camp quality I so often seek and so infrequently find.

I am, however, astounded by the starting price for this couch - $1800! WTF? That's a hard shape to live with, requiring a large "rumpus" room, me thinks. You can't even lie down on that bad boy, unless you've already got curvature of the spine or something.

Hey, undoubtedly there is no better couch for passing a number along on (apart from when you get to the end of the semi-circle, things may go a little crazy then), but am thinking there's not too many potheads with enough change left over from munchie shopping to shell out $1800 for this couch.


Karen said...

When I look at this piece, I long to see a fireman pole drop right down into the middle. Why is that?

becstar said...

OMG Karen, that would totally rock!!!

Mmmmmm.... Firemen....