Saturday, April 14, 2007

Golden, greasy brown

At first glance I thought the person who owned this couch must rarely wash their hair and probably wasn't all that keen on other hygiene regimes either. The reason for the judgement? Well, what appear to be massive grease stains on the leather of this couch.
Alas, I was wrong. Apparently this couch is supposed to look like this. Here's an excerpt from its eBay description.
"The leather is soft and luxurious, and is made to look aged and cracked, giving the sofas a New York loft apartment feel, yet they are modern and trendy and I dont think I have come across anything to this standard since I have been here. "
How silly of me not to recognise the couch's inherent modernity and trendiness. See, as a child I used to harbour the desire of living in a loft in New York. Part of me still has that desire - along with a few million other people. I'm familiar with what qualifies as furniture appropriate to a loft setting, so I should have picked up that this couch has that style about it. Apparently, I shouldn't have missed that appointment at the opthamologists this week.
And am glad about the owners not having come across anything like that since they arrived from the UK to Australia two years ago - thank God for small blessings. That's right, the owners of this apparently bothered their arses to ship this fugly monster from the UK. Why?
$1200 and it's yours. Pick up from Brisvegas. What are you waiting for?


ZUBA said...

I reckon the reason they're getting rid of it is because leather is the last thing you want to sit on during a steaming, humid stinker of a day typical of the Brissy climate.
Seriously fugly couch dude.
You sure have a knack for finding these things.

becstar said...

Aw shucks, thanks, Chris.

What can I say? Much like my ability to find a bargain, it's a gift... ;-)