Friday, April 27, 2007

The Days of Our Beds

So, don't know if you've noticed, but there’s this whole new trend towards this kind of day bed business, which I simply do not understand.

As someone not so gifted in the leg department – ok, more specifically the leg length department, Lord knows I have enough leg muscle to make a rugby player jealous – I find these bloody day beds rather uncomfortable. I end up looking like I’m in some sort of Alice in Wonderland situation. Cute on a kid, not so cute on a grown woman.

Sure, they’re great for lying on and reading a book, but then again, so is my normal couch (which I promise to post pictures of once it’s in the new bachelorette pad – two weeks and counting).

Frankly, if I want a couch that will double as a bed I’ll buy one of those crazy, not-so-new inventions known as a sofabed. They do exist, they’re rather practical and make so much more sense. They may not have the wank appeal that this one does, but then again I never wanted to be known as a wanker.

1 comment:

ZUBA said...

Alternately you could get a proper chaise longue.
But you are right, these day beds are a little confused.