Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tarty tartan tarte tatins

I've resisted posting any of the myriad tartan fugly couches out there in eBay land, until now.

The reason for caving in is the sheer size of this tartan job. It's a six seater couch. I don't know many people with the space for a six seater. Thankfully, I know no-one who would choose to upholster a six seater in this fabric.

So this is it, what I hope will be the one and only tartan number to appear here on Most Fugly Couch (am not making promises, don't like to make a promise I am not certain I can keep), because as a rule, they're just too easy a shot.

PS Like the sponged paint work here? The previous owner of my oh-so-swanky and soon-to-be-mine bachelorette pad decided he would wallpaper the second bedroom with blue and white sponged-affect paper. Thankfully he didn't attempt any other renovations I'd have to undo.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Now there's a couch I could use in my house with six kids. Dang! Why must convenience come in such love shades of plaid?