Monday, April 2, 2007

Comprare da Franco Cozzo!

I've had this one up my sleeve pretty much since starting my quest. Been worried it was too easy. Everyone knows Franco Cozzo and his like are born to feature here on Most Fugly Couch. My mate Ben even posted a comment about notifying Signor Cozzo's lawyers that my blog existed.
During last year's World Cup, Franco Cozzo promised to give a bed to every member of the Australian team if they brought home the trophy from Germany. Maybe that's why they lost to Italy, they just couldn't face the thought of a bit of Cozzo in their bedroom.


ZUBA said...

Still reckon you could paint it gold and flog it off to some arab and make a tidy profit, they love that shit.

Anonymous said...

I like this couch. But then again I am a girl and I have a taste for old styled furniture. Just because it isn't modern does not mean that it is ugly. ):

becstar said...

Could be your next business venture, Chris...

Anonymous - fair enough, each to their own. Taste is subjective and all that.

I think I've slammed enough modern couches here on The Quest to attest to the fact that something doesn't have to be modern for me to like it - and in fact that often goes against it. Still wouldn't want this fugly number in my house, though. Am sure it's still available if you're interested...

Anonymous said...

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