Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Couch potato

Please forgive me this indulgence. I found this on one of my eBay hunting missions. I don't think he's fulgy, he's quite cute actually. He's got everything I want in a man - nice smile, eyes you could lose yourself in...

Kinda makes you wonder if some people have too much time on their hands. But then, I'm a woman searching for and writing about fugly couches for my own (and hopefully your) amusement.

See below for item description and Q&A from eBay.

This is a real potato looking for a home . The new owner must love it as much as its current owner and must be able to provide him with his own couch.
Spud will sit with you while you read, watch tele, play on the computer or even bid on ebay. He is great company with no demands.
Sun baking is not good for spud , and although he loves a good Sunday roast, he is less than enthusiastic about being part of one. Spud is one of a kind and is certainly not a chip off the old block,
He measures approximately 20cms tall and 9cms wide round his tummy.
Question & Answer
hi just wondering if spud gets moody around tea time when the family is devouring his relatives,and what is his life span?
Funnily enough spud seems to sweat early in the morning, around midday and early in the evening. More deodorant has been my suggestion. As he sits and watches me now whilst I type this, spud assuures me he will live forever if not physically or vegetabbly, in the hearts, minds even tummys of anyone who has the great honour and dare I say privilege of owning him.
Hi i was looking on ebay and came across spud. I am interested in buying him but just curious about one thing: i love dancing and was wondering "can spud dance - for example can he do the mashed potato?"
It's his favourite dance!!!! He loves to wiggle around and have a good time. You'll often hear him in peels of laughter as he enjoys this pasttime.
how old is he and does he go to the footy with his mates drinking or stay at home with the misses?
Spud is in his first year in his 'above ground years' so therefore is a new age sensitive tatta. He does love the footy, (cat fan) but would prefer to take the missus not his mates. He doesn't drink as he is aware he may end up in boiling water.


Hannah said...


By the way, how much did spud go for?

becstar said...

He had a bid of $1 last time I checked (with $5 P&P), so he's doing alright.