Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A sea of floral

I'm no expert in digital photography and manipulation (and I encourage those who are to post their opinions in the comments section), but this looks to me like these crazy people have gone and placed their couch by the sea to photograph it for sale on eBay... What the fug?

I'm all for a comfy banana lounge when on the beach. And I spent a good portion of yesterday kicking back with a glass or 10 of red on the now "outdoor" couch at my mate Chris's place. But why on earth would you try and enhance the saleability of your couch by photographing it by the sea? WHY???

And I have to say I'm a little disturbed by how the fugly fabric kinda blends in with the mottled concrete of the pier or whatever the hell the couch is on. I don't want anything resembling concrete in my house, certainly not in couch form. Concrete is for outside, for the classic wog front garden and the little old Nonna or Nonno to hose down (like they used to do in pre-Stage 4 water restrictions days, not so much these days. Don't be a Wally with water, people).


Karen said...

"Don't be a wally with water, people." hahah you crack me up.

I want to know what is lurking just behind that fugly thing. It kind of looks like a person with a spear sticking out of his back. Maybe some woman get fed up with her man's taunting about the couch fugliness and ran him through.

becstar said...

Cheers, Karen...

The Wally thing actually relates to ads that used to run on TV here back in our last drought in the '80s.

There was this pot-bellied bloke called Wally who'd do things like hose down his driveway and leave the tap running while washing his teeth. And the tagline was "Don't be a Wally with water". So bloody Aussie, but glad it still translates Stateside!

becstar said...

Oh, and I forgot to say am glad I'm not the only who thought that spear thing was weird! I like your explanation a lot. :-)