Monday, May 14, 2007

More modern fugliness

Don't know what I dislike more about this couch. Is it the jacquard fabric? Is it the bizarre two-toned curly-wurly business going on with the arms? Or the scarily square poof/ottoman/footrest/whatever-they-call-it-in-your-country-dear-reader-thingamebob? Dunno. Do know that I don't like it, though.

The floorboards, however, are lovely. Quite similar to the ones in my new Bachelorette Pad, which is now officially mine! (Well, mine and the bank's, but please don't get all technical and take away from this shiny moment for me, ok? Muchas gracias.)


Karen said...

It's definitely "the bizarre two-toned curly-wurly business going on with the arms" and yet... the fabric... the "scarily square poof/ottoman/footrest/whatever-they-call-it-in-your-country-dear-reader-thingamebob" doesn't do it any favors either.

Congrats on your new place.

becstar said...

Thanks, Karen :-)

Cant wait until it no longer resembles the box caves I used to build and play hide and seek in as a kid.

GaryQ said...

It is made from the dressing gown you buy for your Mum in a panic when you forgot it's Mother's Day tomorrow