Monday, May 28, 2007

Daybed delusions

First off, apologies. I know, long time, no couch. Real life getting in the way and all that. How people have the time to lead these "Second Lives" I don't know.

Anyways, as discussed before, not a fan of this crazy, excessive day bed business currently going on in Couchland. It's all going a bit crazy on that front, as evidenced by this couch.

What the fug? It's like an actual double bed being whacked out in your living room. I thought the whole point of a sofa bed was that the bed was hidden - saving you space. I don't know, maybe people now need giant, bed-sized couches to fill their hideous McMansions in the suburbs. It's either that or this is for a studio apartment and doubles as your actual bed. Have we got to the point where people either live in tiny shoeboxes or they live in a McMansion? Where has the happy medium gone in life? Can you tell I may or may not work for a government department that may or may not be involved in environment and/or planning issues? Sorry, heart on sleeve and all that... (grumpy today, bad news from a friend, promise to try and be nicer tomorrow).


Karen said...

for some strange reason, I kind of like this one! go figure... six kids means the couch is never quite big enough and someone always falls asleep while watching TV.

becstar said...

I get this working for your family, Karen. And in essence, it's not overly fugly. Am just sick of this bloody mad day bed business. It's in all the homewares catalogues here at the moment and a girl's gotta draw the line somewhere!