Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brisbane blues

Gross, obviously, of course.

But I also love the description - barely every second word is spelled correctly. I know the couch is in Brisvegas, but hey, I've got family there. They're literate...

Today you are bidding on a 4 peice quatro swaide corner lounge with chaise that is less than 2 yrs old. Most commonly used as corner lounge but can actully be rearranged to suit your room or mood. (even acts as a comfy double bed for when vistiors come or your in the doghouse...)It has no visalbe rips or stains as it is scochgaurded. All but 2or 3 leg protecters are still in tact. Comes with the rug we bought to go with the lounge as a bonus. It is advisable to look at the lounge before bidding so you know exactly what you are bidding on. Bought $2600.
Pick up only from brisbane bayside.
When giving lounge quick clean, I did come across some minor marks that arnt noticable when cushions are in place.Because it is scothgaurded they might even come out. Also noticed that 1 seat has a slight dip in the middle. Other than that the lounge in in excellent used conditon. :-)

Bless. Someone's already bid $700 for this. No bloody accounting for taste in this country I call home.

PS Don't ya just love the caravan in the background? Noice... (I'm such a bitchy snob sometimes, I know)

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ZUBA said...

Hey, if they throw in the caravan I might consider it.