Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fugly futon fabric

Ok, I know I'm not breaking any ground here by including this futon couch on the blog. Am sure you've all seen these around. Hell, even I have one at the moment (hand-me-down from my sister). But I need to post this question:

WHY do they always come with these hideous fabrics? Seriously, why?

It's so bloody hard to find one of these that doesn't have some fugly print on it.

Here's another one:

My memory of textiles production from high school is kinda limited, but I'm quite sure that producing patterns is harder than just going the plain dye route. So, why bother with these fugly prints that people just end up having to cover up? It's one of the bext examples of an exercise in futility I can think of. Or perhaps there's a conspiracy theory here - the fabric printers also produce throws and other ways of disguising an ugly couch. That's a seriously cunning plan, if it's true.

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