Friday, May 18, 2007

Golf, anyone?

The pattern on this is supposedly of a "European Golf Scene". God Bless America and many of her countrymen's obsession with Europe and the automatic sophistication that comes from something being associated with Europe. Don't get me wrong, Australia's definitely got some colonial love in that direction, but we don't go weak at the knees at a "British" accent the way our Septic Tank cousins do (I know I have readers in America and I love you, so don't be getting all offended now). Aussies are more likely to say "bloody Poms" on hearing an English accent than "Oh, how cute, you're British" as I have seen happen so many times. Hell, you Americans even reckon our hideous Australian accent is cute, and that's just wrong!

Anyways, back to the couch. Yes, it's off eBay USA (and there's a whole lot more good stuff to come in the near future, kids, so heads-up). And apparently this armchair and its three seater couch/sofa would be "suited for a den, game room or bonus room". Bonus room? I know y'all have got even more space out in the States than we do in our big brown (currently extra brown courtesy of drought) land. But are you giving away "bonus rooms" with houses now? Is that a special room where you put the bonus offers you pick up at the supermarket, the home of the "Buy one, get one free"? Seriously, I'd really like to know. Cheers.


Miss Misery said...

I love Australian accents! They are so cute! But you're right, Americans just melt for British accents, but only because there's nothing like it on this side of the Atlantic. Whatever happened to pleasant American accents, like Katherine Hepburn?

However, I don't think Americans like the English in general. We make our share of bad teeth and bad food and bad sex jokes. I'll admit that I make them, with absolutely no idea if they are founded. So there you go.

By the way, what is a "Septic Tank cousin"? I assume you're referring to Americans, but I don't get what it means.

Anyway, I love your blog. It's very original, very funny.

Karen said...

BONUS ROOMS??? WE HAVE BONUS ROOMS??? Man! Why don't I get one? I've never heard of it before now.

You're hilarious and I'm utterly offended! and I love an Aussie accent way more than a British one.

becstar said...

Miss Misery, thanks for stopping by and for your generous comments. Hope you'll be back again soon. :-)
A Septic Tank is rhyming slang for "Yank". We inherited the whole Cockney rhyming slang thing from our convict ancestors and took that ball and ran with it a whole lot further.
Yeah, I totally love the way they take the piss out of the Brits on The Family Guy. There is a lot of bad dentistry over in the UK, but there's also a lot of v cool people too - many of whom are my mates courtesy of just over two years in London and Edinburgh. If I ever take the piss out of a country it's always done with affection - and Australia cops the most beatings.
Actually, not tooting my own horn or anything, but you may find the Melbourne accent is quite pleasant - it's Australian without the nasal element - that Hepburn softness you seek in the American accent. But overall, a strong, proper Australian accent can be like nails down a chalkboard - although quite endearing, I guess, for the novelty factor and on the right person.
Karen - you're hilarious, as always!