Monday, May 7, 2007

Go with the red and gold

The amount of fugly couches still being produced is quite astounding, such as this red and gold number.
Just yesterday I was shopping for a bed with my mates Frank and Elaine - took them to the den of blandness that is Harvey Norman, aka Ikea without the Swedish meatballs. They were looking for a bed and you can do worse than Harvey Norman (but we did better at Forty Winks - my ability to find a bargain was once again affirmed, F&E were so impressed with the groundwork I'd done recently for my own bed purchase they're now hoping I may need to buy a car or computer in the next few weeks).
Anyways, was left rather speechless as I walked in the door and saw a rather hideous purple faux-suede number. Unfortunately no pics available. But it's quite shocking, really, that a place that should be selling middle-of-the road, inoffensive furniture would bother stocking such fugliness. And at a cost of about $3000. That's just shite.


ZUBA said...

Well, you will go to Hardly Normal.
I know mum knows of a really good place on Church St Richmond that might be of good use, and it's not Ikea.

Karen said...

Eeewww this one is just wrong on so many levels.

becstar said...

I love the Hardly Normal, Chris, never heard that one before!
Frank and Elaine are well and truly sorted for a bed, and I am in serious awe of my own ability to get a bargain. Got them a $4000 full latex king size bed for $2300, which was $400 off the On Sale price on the floor, plus free delivery, because the saleslady remembered me from buying my bed a few weeks ago. Jealous, bc I didn't manage such a good deal for myself, even!
Is the place you're talking about a potential for fugly couches?

I agree, Karen, there is simply nothing right about this fugly number.

ZUBA said...

No, there are only good couches to be had there unfortunately.