Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kidney pain

I've blogged before about the delightful descriptions you sometimes get on eBay, complete with a multitude of spelling errors.

Check this description out:

The Funky Couch
This was a piece that i was commitioned to produce for a client.
Due to the clients personal problems that sale never finalised.
I'm offering it to the world.
This was designed for story reading with the kids ( 1 adult 2 kids )
or relaxing with the partner.
Made from the 1100mm wide shell of a burnt out River Redgum stump from North Western Australia
Stripped back on the inside and finely sanded so the natural timber was bought to life and the coated in Acylic Lacquer.
The back is the natural exterior showing all the tree's features and texture again coated in Acrylic Lacquer
Comments recieved to me from friends suggest the inside of it looks like a pollished turtle shell.
The Upholstery is Professionally covered in Warrick Macro-suede velvet
The dimensions are overall Length 1150mm Width 800mm Hieght 870mm
Cushion Depth Middle 600mm Ends 450mm (Kidney Shaped)
This magnificant piece would suit any enviroment it was placed into.
I will make a custom made packing box as part of the sale price and am prepared to send oversea's.
Delivery and Frieght costs depends on were you are located

You heard 'em - Functional Art! You know the old saying "I don't know much about art, but I know what I like"? Well, I don't like.

And how much for this crap? $7500 - I wish I was joking.


ZUBA said...

You gotta be kidding!!!!!
Talk about out of touch!

Hannah said...

That poor tree died to make this monstrosity! It looks so unbelievably uncomfortable! I can't imagine it suiting ANY environment! Maybe i just don't understand functional art..

becstar said...

Yes, Chris, apparently $7500 is what you need to pay to own this crap.

Hannah, honey, it's not you, it's just the couch. And I agree, beautiful tree turned into hideousness. It's quite disgraceful.