Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bad Eames

Apologies, fugly couchers - I went away for a week, to get some R&R on a vineyard near Daylesford. But I forgot to let you know. How remiss of me!

The quest shall resume...

On eBay at the moment, it's all about the Eames era. Not a problem by me, quite like it myself. Got a few pieces including my gorgeous dining table and chairs, which I'm just a bit in love with.

This is an example of Eames gone wrong. The lovely teak structure is still there, granted, but the leather... I know it's old and weather-beaten, but I don't think I would have loved this couch when it was in peak condition. It kind of looks like a huge leather cushion just got dumped on it. Not good.


ZUBA said...

That is one fudged up couch!!!!
I didn't such ugliness was possible.

Karen said...

"It kind of looks like a huge leather cushion just got dumped on it."

It really does! Like the cushion was dropped from an elevation of 35,000 feet and just so happened to land on an old hand-made bed frame or something. Weird!

Anonymous said...

"Sofá Mole", leather and jacarandá wood!
From Sérgio Rodrigues, architect and designer, Brazil.
No Eames!
Juliana Muniz, Brasil.

Paul said...

You didn't find this in Victoria, by any chance? I consider this one of the most beautiful sofa designs out there - weather beaten or not. I would be interested in purchasing it if it's local!

Paul in Melbourne