Monday, June 4, 2007

Roll out the barrel

Your eyes don't deceive you - those skinny toothpick legs don't belong to Nicole Ritchie - they're tacked on to the bottom of some barrels.

Check it out from behind:

That's pretty bloody special. Forget about barrels for your potplants, bring 'em right into your home! Delightful.


ZUBA said...

It would look marginally better without the rainbow coloured backing cushions.

Karen said...

Do the barrels still smell like wine? Those legs look like the old pirate's peg-leg. It's quite clever--hahahah!

becstar said...

That's a very tight margin you're referring to, Chris...

Although, I must admit, the harlequin look did kick it over the line for me.

Karen, they totally reminded me of pirates' legs too!