Thursday, July 5, 2007

The circle of fug

What have we got here?
Baroque? Check.
Contrasting fabrics? Check.
Gilding? Check.
Wonky feet that don't look like they'd support anything above the weight of a pre-(still-to-be-confirmed-at-press-time)-pregnancy Nicole Ritchie? Check.

But look closer... Do you get the sense there's something else going on here? There is.

Check it out:

Yep, it's round! Can you imagine the neck cricks you'd get trying to hold a conversation on this couch?
I know, it's meant for a hotel lobby, but it's not there now. Instead, you can plonk this in the middle of your lounge room for something in the order of $3000.


clever[art] said...

Looks so uncomfortable. And why would someone want to buy this for their home?

ZUBA said...

A chiro's dream!!!
What the hell is the point of it?

becstar said...

Sadly, clever[art], I reckon quite a few of the parents of kids I went to high school with would think this was a fantastic addition to their home.
It is, indeed, a chiro's dream, Chris, well spotted.

Karen said...

It's a great timeout couch for the larger families--such as mine. "You sit here, and you here, and you, and you!! Naughty children!!!" You know they'd still find a way to tease each other while in their seperate quarters.

becstar said...

LOVE IT, Karen! We used to get put in the corner a lot when we were kids. Well, my sister and I did. My little brother got away with sooooo much more than us. And he wonders why I'm bitter about so many aspects of our childhood...

Karen said...

Yea--the youngest always gets way spoiled!!!